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Tampax Compak
Feminine Hygiene
November 07, 2014    
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The Red Tide

Thank you Beauty Bulletin for this opportunity to try and test and review this product.
I’ve always considered Tampax to be a trusted household brand; however I have been using the competitor brand for many years now.

So I had to give Tampax Compak a try. At first I struggled with the insertion due to my ignorance and not reading the leaflet and instructions first. The packaging (wrapper) is beautiful I love how it’s camouflaged into something pretty and sweetie like. We are definitely evolving. I’m not entirely sure if I like the plastic applicator. I was cautious at first but then learnt that it’s not that bad at all. Change can be a difficult thing for me.
I have to agree that the absorbency of the tampons is great. No leaks and no mess, I was a bit apprehensive because of my heavy flow in the first 2 days of my period. There was no discomfort or irritation for duration of my period.

The price is right, the product is great!

I have absolutely no complaints about this product I can honestly recommend Tampax Compak to all the women out there. I will definitely consider the move to Tampax Compak

Have a happy period :)

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