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Tampax Compak
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November 07, 2014    
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Tampax Compak - a non-intimidating applicator!

So let’s be blunt here and have no skaam: I’ve never liked tampons with cardboard applicators. I remember digging through my mum’s bathroom cupboards as a young kiddie (because I was like, SUPER nosey, had an obsession with her toiletries and makeup, and, because, because) … and then I discovered those LONG things wrapped in paper. ‘Mom, WHAT?’ ‘Oh no, my girl, you will understand once you get older.

Older I got, and as a very active young thing (horse riding, ballet, you name it) sanitary pads were just not going to make the cut. At all. No explanation needed. So I started my womanhood with tampons sans applicator and even in my later twenties, I still never considered using tampons with an applicator. I even remembered having a little surprise backstage during our school musical in matric and frantically running around for a tampon (don’t pretend like this hasn’t happened to you, girls!). My very sweet fellow dancer offered me a tampon … with cardboard applicator. ‘No thanks, I do NOT understand to use that’, I said, as I dashed off to the garage across the streets to find something … well … smaller.

And then Tampax Compak made an arrival. And my first question? Where was this product in my teens? Why didn’t we have cool stuff like this? Now here’s finally something discreet enough, with an easy to use applicator. And what’s best? They do ACTUALLY NOT take up the entire space in an evening clutch. We all remember the shock and horror as a tampon fell out of our school blazers or our shiny little handsakkies at school formals. Not anymore, though. With the candy coloured discreet wrappers, your awkward boy-date won’t even have a clue that it was a tampon making its escape out of your bag. Embarrassment eliminated!

What’s more, is that it’s comfortable and smooth enough to be used. What really impressed me, was the Multipack initiative. Because you know those days where your flow is almost an absolute no-show and other days you feel like you can’t even stand up without worrying about having a little situation on your dress? Here you have two absorbencies in one handy go. Another like! So Tampax, well done for breaking my stigma that you only delivered ‘those horrible carton tubes’ that scared the dickens out of me when I was just starting my ladytime as a teen. This is definitely a product that I will try some more.

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