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SHIELD MotionSense™ Fresh Confidence Anti-perspirant Aerosol
Deodorants, Powders, Sprays
March 16, 2016    
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Shield MotionSense Roll-on

I put the Shield MotionSense roll-on to the test. The Shield MotionSense Roll-on's and deodorant are different to others as it has smart technology. It contains unique microcapsules that have fragrance locked inside which is activated by movement. So every time you move freshness is released keeping you smelling great throughout the day. This deodorant is perfect for when you are constantly on the go whether it is walking, exercising and stretching. It provides 48 hours protection so no more embarrassing moments after a long day of work or an intense workout, you can still stretch those arms without having to worry about knocking people out with your bad odor ?.

At first I was a little scared to use this roll-on as I have very sensitive skin and break out in rashes when applying a scented product but I really wanted to try this roll on ever since I've seen the advertisements. To my surprise I did not break into any rashes YAY? The roll on has a very fresh floral smell and really does keep you dry for 48 hours! Every time I moved I could actually smell the release of fragrance, it kept me dry throughout the day and kept me smelling great. What I liked most about this roll-on besides the fact that it kept me dry and fresh is that it dries on quick when applied, does not leave any residue, it does not have that sticky/wet feeling when you are active and you don't have to re-apply it throughout the day. I definitely recommend this product to any one who is constantly on the move and needs that extra burst of freshness.

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