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SHIELD MotionSense™ Fresh Confidence Anti-perspirant Aerosol
Deodorants, Powders, Sprays
March 16, 2016    
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Fresh confidence

Stephen Luke was quoted as saying “success is usually covered in sweat”, but thanks to Shield Motionsense, it doesn’t have to be. We grow when we push ourselves past our comfort zone, this is the space where the magic happens, but let’s be honest - embarrassing sweat stains and body odor are the last thing we need to be worrying about when we are doing the things that make our heart beat a little faster. Whether you are working out, throwing your hands up to your favorite DJ, killing a presentation or getting closer to THAT person; feeling and looking confident makes us feel good.

What makes this product different? Shield Motionsense has a unique smart fragrance system which releases micro-capsules that are activated by movement, moisture and temperature which keep you smelling fresh throughout the day - basically the more you move, or the hotter you get the more fragrance is released.

What I love about this product is that the fragrance is fresh and subtle. I feel confident wearing it on its own, but it also blends well with perfume, so I can wear my favorite scent without feeling like I have been marinating in deodorant for a week! The packaging is clean and functional, it has an easy grip bottle and a quality nozzle which distributes the product evenly. The drying time is just a few seconds, and it doesn’t stain clothing.

Putting it to the test:
Realizing that the quickest way to see if this product delivers would be to work up a sweat; I put on my running shoes and hit the road.
The verdict:
The staying power of the fragrance was impressive and it smelt much the same as when I applied it 3 hours prior.
It didn’t stop me from perspiring completely (it would be totally creepy if it did!) but there was definitely less perspiration where I had applied it.
I am not nearly as fit as I thought I was.

Would I recommend it? Yes. As far as anti-perspirants go, this is a good one. It does contain mostly synthetic ingredients, so if natural products are important to you this will be a downfall. Having said that, I would be much more likely to grab this off the shelf than most other products - it has been formulated for sensitive skin and the gentle fragrance really sets it apart. It is an innovative product and the patented technology is not only super cool and reasonably priced (R28.99), but it also delivers on functionality, and that is important, because confidence is important.

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