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SHIELD MotionSense™ Fresh Confidence Anti-perspirant Aerosol
Deodorants, Powders, Sprays
March 16, 2016    
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Shield MotionSense Aerosol in Fresh Confidence

I have to confess I have always been a huge fan of Dove products , from their lotions to their body wash to their hair care and deodrants . I've never actually thought about changing my deodorant brand that I've been stuck on for years .So when I heard of the new Shield MotionSense range I seriously doubted if it will work so my expectations were low . From the very first day that I sprayed it on which was right after my shower I immediately felt a dryness under my arms. It did have a bit of a powdery residue which is easily dusted off. During my running around this week all I could think was how can this keep me dry ? I know it has tiny microcapsules that are activated by movement to keep you dry but is what this product claims to do real or a gimmick? I was pleasantly surprised as the product revelation was all true.It did keep me dry through out gym and I did not feel uncomfortable either , the only moisture was on my face . I had no need to reapply deodorant as I still smelled fresh along with a delightful powdery scent . I also didn’t feel sticky or wet like my gym takkies .I am impressed , I am seriously thinking of changing my Dove deodorant to the new Shield !

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