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Review: Rehidrat Hot

September 22, 2016  
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Having just had a baby, I"m loving Rehidrat electrolyte solution in the tonic Jungle Juice, which is said to be great for new moms. It's a mix of Rehidrat, water, apple juice, Schlehen Berry Elixir and Rescue Remedy.
I also use Rehidrat to replace lost electrolytes after long running races, and I take it and give it to my older son when one of us has had stomach flu or the like.

Here's the "magic" recipe:


- 1 sachet Rehidrat in blackcurrant
- 1 litre apple juice
- 2 litre water
- 60ml Schlehen Blackthorn Berry Elixir
- Rescue Remedy


Mix all the ingredients together. Add 10ml Rescue Remedy in every glass you drink.

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