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Nutribullet Recipe - Banana Berry blast

Nutribullet Recipe - Banana Berry blast Hot

July 03, 2017  
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Nutribullet works super fast and juices the entire fruit or vegetable. All you need to do is remove the core or rind depending on the fruit. My previous blender took much longer to blend the foods as well as it having issues with it never blending well enough and leaving a chunky residue. Anything that you put in it would need to be chopped up in small pieces first in order to assist in its blending process. It could also only produce a smoothie or thicker liquids. I could not add in hard foods such as carrots or nuts as the blades were not strong enough to blend it. With Nutribullet it is no struggle at all. Nutribullet blends all ingredients until it’s at a juicy or desired consistency.It works best for both smoothies and juicing. Even hard vegetables are juiced so easily. Nutribullet’s blade design allows the machine to chop up nuts too. Smaller ingredients do not get stuck under the blades either. The design helps to move around and mash up each component within the cup. The top quality blend results in a great tasting product with each ingredients distinct taste being present.
The removable cup is definitely a benefit. It allows you to blend it, remove and seal it with a lid for storage or to drink immediately out of. Which means less dishes to wash..
This is always a win for me!

The Nutriblasts recipe I’ve tried out here in the video review is called the “Banana Berry Vitality Blend”. Nutribullet has got me indulging in some hardcore greens. An essential aspect that my diet has always been low in. Reason being, I had no idea how to incorporate these vegetables in a creative way into to my meals without it losing its nutritious content.

Now with Nutrbullet I am able to juice it all up and within a few seconds I can get my nutrient needs while sipping on the go.

I’ve added in Kale, Banana, figs, apple, walnuts, blueberries, acai berries and strawberries.

Nutriblasts recipes have introduced me to Acai berries which support immune function and promotes lowing skin and hair..

Three things that I believe are vital for every woman!


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