Palette Deluxe by Schwarzkopf

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Calling all Hair-Colour Queens! #TurnColourIntoLuxury

 Meet your hair’s new BFF: Schwarzkopf’s Palette Deluxe

Do you get excited about luxury hair products (without the luxury price tag) that give your precious locks the best care and colour around? Introducing the latest in permanent hair colouring from none other than leading hair-care gurus, Schwarzkopf. Whether you’re a serial hairdresser attendee or a DIY-kind of glam queen, you’ll be happy to know that Schwarzkopf’s Palette Deluxe Oil-Care Colour is your perfect fit.


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The #TurnColourIntoLuxury Challenge

We’ve recruited 300 Hair-Colour Queens to put Palette Deluxe to the test. See what they have to say about Palette Deluxe’s effect on their locks for yourself.


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