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NIVEA CELLular Anti-Age Concerntrated Skin-Refining Serum

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Nivea Cellular anti age serum review

20 Women from our product review club whose concerns were lines, wrinkles and a loss of skin elasticity, were sent the NIVEA  CELLular Anti-Age Concentrated Skin-Refining Serum. They tried and tested the product over a period of time and wrote reviews on it.

Beauty Bulletin says:
NIVEA  CELLular Anti-Age Concentrated Skin-refining Serum contains  short-chain Hyaluronic Acid, Magnolia Extract and Creatine. The promises made by Nivea was that the product improves skin renewal, reduces wrinkles and Increases firmness. The women who reviewed the product can vouch for this and are extremely pleased with the result.

The serum is a non-greasy formula which is suited for all aging skin types. Some women with an oil--based  skin type, who generally do not use skincare products at night felt comfortable using the serum and were ecstatic with the marvellous result.

NIVEA has ensured to create a light weight serum, which disolves immediately into the skin.Women agree that the serum absorbs quickly with no residue, and one starts seeing results within the first week of use.

Not only has NIVEA created a fantastic anti-age serum which delivers on it's promises, but the packaging is an attractive slimline box in blue, white, and silver, which is extremely impressive. The product is in the form of a  white tube with a classy silver lid containing a generous amount of product.

Even though the product is a firming, anti-age serum, it hydrates ones skin leaving it soft, smooth, moisturised, and wrinkles seem to appear less visible.

The women all agree that the NIVEA fragrance is very light, fresh and not overwhelming. They say it  reminds them of when they were little and their mothers used NIVEA.

You Say:
"I was very happy with the Nivea cream and I am grateful to Beauty Bulletin for giving me the opportunity to review it. I will continue to use it and would not hesitate in recommending it to others."- Read more

"My crow’s feet appear softer too, but I think it could be because of the overall elasticity that the product has brought back to my skin. I am looking forward to using more of Nivea’s Cellular Anti-age products".- Read more

"It’s a miracle worker, you won’t believe what it can do!!"- Read more

"This serum is an excellent primer under foundation, making it a double value product".- Read more

NIVEA CELLular Anti-Age Concerntrated Skin-Refining Serum is available at Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgars stores and selected Pharmacies.

NIVEA CELLular Anti-Age Concerntrated Skin-Refining Serum - R179,99


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