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Blackhead scrub
Visibly even scrub
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Reviewers for blackhead scrub
39 women from our product review club were sent the Neutrogena blackhead scrub. The women tried the product over a period of time and wrote reviews on it.

Overall star rating:

Reviewers for Visibly even scrub

18 women from our product review club were sent the Neutrogena visibly even scrub. The women tried the product and reviewed it thereafter.

Overall star rating:

Reviewers for extra gentle cleanser

24 women from our product review club were sent the Neutrogena extra gentle cleanser. The women tried the product over a period of time and reviewed it.

Overall star rating:

Neutrogena Review Club

Beauty Bulletin says:

Blackhead scrub- Are you struggling with ugly and irritating blemishes and break-outs? This is the product for you! It smells absolutely amazing leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean, and super moisturised. This product lasts long as you don’t need to use a lot to fully cleanse your face. Reviewers agreed that the product removed unwanted spots and they have decided to use the product on a daily basis.

Visibly even scrub- Extremely heavenly scented fragranced cleanser. This is extremely gentle on your skin and reviewers have all agreed that they saw improvement after the first use of the product. The beads exfoliate your skin without scratching it and left skin feeling smoother than before.

Extra gentle cleanser- This product is the “no-excuse-to-not-remove-makeup” product. It is soap free and does not dry out the skin; instead it adds moisture with each wash. It easily removes any makeup residue and leaves you with glowing skin. Reviewers felt that it was a very gentle cleanser which is suitable for all skin types.

Overall Neutrogena is reasonably priced and isn't too harsh for everyday use.

You say:
“I totally rate this product a 11/10! I only use this, I saw an immediate difference in appearance, as well as tone.” Read more

“It was soft enough to use everyday and my skin cleared very quickly.” Read more

“After the first use, skin looks brighter and more radiant. I even dared to leave the house without makeup because my skin looked amazing!” Read more

“I have been using this product for the last three weeks and I totally love it. I'm throwing out all previous cleansers and this will be my new cleansing product from now on.” Read more

“Absolutely loved it and I have started to use more of their products as well. #addicted :-)” Read more

“I will certainly recommend this product with confidence!” Read more 


The Neutrogena® Skincare Range is available at selected Clicks, Dis-Chem, Foschini and Pick 'n Pay stores.

Neutrogena® Visibly Clear Blackhead Scrub - R74,95

Neutrogena® Visibly Even Foaming Cleanser - R79,95

Neutrogena® Extra Gentle Cleanser - R79,95

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