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Do you love pretty hands and feet? Find out what our community of beauty lovers have to say about their nail polishes, nail polish removers, acrylic nails and everything nail-related in these fun video reviews.

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House of Ho Ho Ho Elegant Touch
Stick on nails by Elegant Touch - House of Ho Ho Ho
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? No More Chipping! Chip-free Toenails With Regular Nail Polish | HOWTO
So I’ve Had A Number Of Ladies Ask Me If I Wear Gel Polish On My Toenails – The Answer...
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#BBReviewRecruit Essie Fall 2016 Nail Polish Review By Fikile K
Inspired by the street-style, eclectic cuisine and the autumnal colours of Japan's capital city Tokyo, this collection has your go-to...
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#BBReviewRecruit Cassarica Nadas - Elegant Touch 3-minute manicure Review
#BBReviewRecruit Cassarica Nadas reviews Elegant Touch 3-minute manicure
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Bonolo Mokwele Review   Copy
Bonolo Mokwele BBReviewRecruit video
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Nail Art Tutorial DIY Cute Valentine Nails White Lace Heart .mp4
Hi everyone :) I saw this really awesome video on youtube and i just had to share...
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Nail Art For Beginners #3 | Hayls World
Expand this box for information on what polishes I used and where I got my inspiration from. Thanks for watching...
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Nail Art - MoMs Inca Lily's | Hayls World
Expand this box for information on what polishes I used and where I got my inspiration from. Please let me...
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My Nail Polish Collection | Hayls World
This is a pretty long video guys, sorry. But I've had requests to show you my nail polish collection, so...
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Essie nail polishes are the best!long lasting,vibrant and beautiful colours with the new neon colours it will take the town!...
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Make Your Own Nail Polish
This is another awsome video I got on YouTube love this lady's video's so nice and helpfull
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Make Your Own Nail Dotting Tool
Do it yourself: create your own nail dotter by using things from around your house!
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Watercolor Flower Nails
Got this video from cutepolish the colors are so beautifull and a great idea for the summer or spring...
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My Whimsically Wicked Nail Polish
I put a combination of Revlon and Top Speed nail polish. Loved the end result!
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Make Your Own Nail Polish
Ever dream of creating your very own nail polishes?! In today's video I'll be showing you a fun way to...
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Textured Butterfly Wing Nails
Here is another awsome nail art video I got from You Tube I just love all things nails :-)...
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Rainbow Ombre using only 3 colors
I came across this video ons you tube and it look very interesting. I just love bright rainbow colors....
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Trendy nail art review
In this review I followed the nail trend of nail art. I painted my nails with the Rimmel London...
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Sally Hanson nail challenge
in less than 3 minutes why wear this colour on your nails?? red velvet is a must! ;-) ...
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