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Essence Keep It Perfect Make Up Fixing Spray
Primers, Illuminators, Setting Sprays
May 27, 2016    
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Mix Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and MAC Fix+ and you get this product as a result.
First of all, the packaging is not awesome but I love that essence kept it subtle. You can see how much product is left, plus the purple colour gets me every time (I love purple).
I also love that essence knows what a fixing spray actually is (it's supposed to lock your makeup to prevent it from melting, cracking etc., have a look at Reddit, a user posted a useful guideline for fixing and setting sprays).

The spray head does not dispense the product very fine like the Urban Decay Setting Sprays. It does dispense like MAC Fix+.

This fixing spray moisturizes and locks your makeup. It doesn't have any scent. I feel refreshed whenever I applied it.

As for the effect, it keeps my makeup better in place than without it. It does a good job and my makeup looks less cakey than before. It adds a subtle glow which is nice when I want that. Oil still comes through but this happens every time on my T-zone.

If you can't decide between essence and Urban Decay:

All Nighter Setting Spray has a very fine mist which spreads the product evenly.
Keep It Perfect! gives you a rough mist which can lead to some drops on your face. The product needs more time to dry and set the makeup.

UD is more expensive but you get more product and the fine mist won't waste as much product as the essence spray.
essence gives you less product which will be empty within weeks if you use it every day but you have to pay less for it.

essence gives you some moisture, which will remind you of MAC Fix+, yet it will lock your makeup for a few more hours.
Urban Decay just locks your makeup without adding any moisture but that is key to keep your makeup looking fresh for a longer time.

If you're on a budget, try essence. If you have the money, you can decide which product suits your expectations better.

My verdict:
I still prefer my UD spray since I feel it does a better job. It locks my makeup and it makes it look less cakey without the need of moisture.
essence gives you a few more hours if you use it after your makeup is done but UD tops this with even more hours.

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