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Primers, Illuminators, Setting Sprays
October 05, 2010    
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Smashbox Perfect

I have always had a complex about my skin ever since I had acne as a teenager. I never left the house without a full mask of makeup and used to always wear my hair down covering my cheeks, my confidence was shattered.

I had tried every single beauty product on the market, all claiming to “make acne scars invisible” and “get flawless skin now”, but somehow, I always got disappointed after I’d spend hundreds of Rands only for the product not to deliver on its promises.

Move forward to 2014 and even though my acne has now turned into reddish scars over the years and my confidence has gotten a bit better, I am still on the hunt for that beauty product that will give me the “flawless finish”.

Enter (drum roll please) Smashbox. This was found on a very random window shopping experience in Woolworths one Sunday afternoon. I met a lovely sales lady who persuaded my mom and I to try the products on offer and yes, you guessed it, all offering to give a “flawless finish”.
The only difference this time is that it delivered! Yes, you heard me, it delivered and not only on one or two products, on every single product I have used.

But wait, this review is about the Smashbox Primer (I am getting carried away). I was up until recently, using the Smashbox Photo Finish Dark Spot Correcting Primer and yes, it was a pretty good one, so I was hooked. Then Beauty Bulletin gave me the opportunity to try out a different one, Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting Adjust, perfect to “banish the appearance of redness”…. how did they know! I was truly excited when I saw this!

Ok let’s cut to the chase, this product did not disappoint, even though it’s a hideous green colour, it’s meant to be like this because green apparently disguises the redness. It smoothed on to produce a super silky layer which honestly I have never felt before from a product and after I applied my usual base, the coverage results were amazing. Not only was the redness on my face reduced, it also gave me a smooth finish and my face didn’t feel as dry. I am not going to lie, their products are quite pricey but they last quite long and you will not be disappointed. It’s so worth it and as the saying goes, we all have to “suffer for beauty” in one way or another.

Let’s face it ladies, no product can ever give you a “flawless finish” unless you have flawless skin, but Smashbox Photo Finish Primers will be the closest you will get to perfection.

And we can all do with some of that every now and again..... mwahxxx

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