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Lashcoat Semi Permanent Mascara by Adele Sutton

Lashcoat Semi Permanent Mascara by Adele Sutton Hot

April 20, 2013  
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Semi Permanent Mascara ♥LASHCOAT♥

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Lashcoat is a Professional Salon Application and products are only available to certified/trained Lashcoat Eyelash Stylists/Extensionists. We offer training in Pretoria, Johannesburg, North West, Durban and Cape Town.
♥Love your lashes♥
Lashcoat Mascara Semi-permanent velvet jet-black lash coating system is an innovative professional cosmetic salon application. It provides the safest application on the market available that does not damage or harm your natural lashes, formulated for sensitive eyes. A luxurious coat that lasts and embodies what every woman wants. The results we promise to our clients are: a black velvety color, an around the clock mascara look, it enhances your lashes, it is Waterproof and Smudge-proof. No maintenance, high style, no more eyelash tinting and expensive mascara's. It doesn't leave a heavy feel on the lashes, applies smoothly and there is no clumping guaranteed!. There is no down time for drying, no mister required, it has the correct black carbon specification and is free from carcinogens and heavy metals. Lashcoat was the first launched formaldehyde free product of its kind on the market, the first having the right amount of black carbon, a first of many. Create either a natural or full volume look, looking perfect for any occasion or weather! Leaving you feel confident to wake up with makeup.
Lashcoat is not just a product; it is the passion, love, hard work, detail and the drive to always striving for the best from brain child Adele Sutton and her team that reflects in everything the entire Adele Sutton Range stands for. Lashcoat is the fastest growing coating system, and we emphasize on the safety and health for our clients, approved manufacturing practice, and high quality, formulated with precision, the finest ingredients for an unforgettable lash application.
If you want satisfied, happy and a returning clientele and stand for quality, then please do contact us. We supply to selected distributors and suppliers across the world. Lashcoat products are only sold to Lashcoat trained and certified technicians. This product is proudly manufactured in South Africa by Adele Sutton (Lashcoat Pty Ltd)
♥Love your Lashes♥

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What are the benefits of Lashcoat?

"Coating" natural lashes just once with Lashcoat semi-permanent mascara allows you to wake up to and maintain gorgeous lashes for up to 3-4 weeks!

Lashcoat is more than your typical eyelash colour formula – it goes beyond even the most perfect application of mascara to provide colour and enhancement you don't have to fight with.
- The Lashcoat treatment stays on lashes for up to 3-4 weeks
- Applies smoothly in less than 20 minutes
- Thickens lengthens. Colours and curls.
- Apply with maximum natural lash separation with the exclusive Lashcoat Mini Brush
- Waterproof, smudge-proof, smear-proof
- Versatile Treatment – Create either a natural finish or a full volume finish.
- No Daily Maintenance perfect for today’s busy lifestyles.
- The Lashcoat technique is specially designed to maintain the integrity of our natural lashes. With proper care and maintenance, you will not experience side effects.
- Professional only treatment offering salons instant significant profit potential
- No Misters required
- Fast Drying
- Less Time Consuming
- EU Registered (EC) No 1223/2009

Q. What do I get from the half-day Practical Workshop?

A. Offical LashcoatTM Certification with intense HANDS-ON training including:
- Applying Lashcoat on its own – upper and lower lashes (Natural look)
- Adding volume in Lashcoat application (Fuller look)
- Eyelash perming / lashlift / straightening with Lashcoat application
- Demonstrating adding eyelash extensions for increasing length.
- Professional removal of Lashcoat
Intense theory including:
- Health & Safety in Lashcoat Mascara – Semi Permanent Mascara
- Lashcoat MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet
- Procedure Preparation and Good Housekeeping
- Eyelash Anatomy
- Medical Conditions/ Contra Indications
- Client Cards and Documentation
- Equipment & Apparatus Required/Trolley Set-Up
- Home Care Procedures

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 0814845560

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