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Eylure False Lash Starter Kit
Mascaras, Eyebrow Pencils
February 05, 2015    
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Eylure False Lash Starter Kit

So I recently got a package in the mail box and I was so excited and curious about the contents. You can imagine my delight when I opened it and found a pack of these awesome eyelashes. I usually wear strip lashes but I had never purchased a pack of Eylure falsies.

So I decided to put try them on the weekend to complete my doll face look :-) Firstly I was impressed with the fact that there was a test lash (I suppose it makes sense to include one since it's a starter kit), I also liked the length of the lashes because I didn't have to cut them, they fit just perfectly (Yay). The feel of the lashes is very light and natural which is a bonus.

I didn't use the glue that came with the packaging though because they tend not to stick properly or one has to wait long before putting on the lashes... so I will not comment on it. As for the applicator, good try but it doesn't really hold the lashes on its own.

Overall the falsies were a hit for me and I will be stocking them up for my kit very soon. Hopefully there are multipacks which will offer more value for money. Thank You BB.


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bhayla Written by bhayla
July 28, 2015
Wow! Great review. Need to try this out:)
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