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Avon Mega Effects
Mascaras, Eyebrow Pencils
October 28, 2013    
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Mega Effects - the first mascara I needed instructions for!

I was very exited to receive a funny looking black & shocking pink wide, rectangular tube. I rushed to try and open it but had no idea how to... just then I knew this was going to be a game changer!
After reading the instructions and rocking the brush out of the tube i was skeptical about the brush and had flashes of mascara getting everywhere. Because of the wide brush, I also thought it will be difficult to handle... this was however not the case!

The brush handled like a dream. The handle is nice & short allowing for precision and also adjustable so it makes it easy to maneuver around the tricky small lashes.

The mascara did not go everywhere as I initially feared. Nothing smeared through onto my lids. I was astounded. It worked. It changed how I thought about mascara and truthfully... I thought to myself... why has no one ever thought of this before.

The fact that you apply the mascara from the front of your face and not with your hand next to it allows you to apply the mascara the same way on both eyes without having to do funny twisting of wrists and flipping of wands. Love it.

There is however one little drawback.... the formula is not as thickening and as lengthening as I would have liked. I however added 2-3 layers and it worked amazingly. It did not smudge and I partied till the next morning without the dreaded raccoon eye.

A word of caution though... it burns like a MOFO if you get it in your eye. This was a lapse of concentration on my part. Your eye will tear up very badly.... which is also why I know it does not smudge easily. ;-)

All & all, I will surely buy this again! I am a mascara whore and try them all. It will be a great honour for any product to grace my make up bag more than once, and this has made the list.

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