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Avon Mega Effects
Mascaras, Eyebrow Pencils
October 28, 2013    
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Mega Effects or Mega Problems?

All in all very disappointing

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atomickitten Written by atomickitten
October 29, 2013
Thank goodness, I am not the only one who is a little disappointed after all the hype. On the whole it didn't do much for my sticky little lashes, so although there were some plus sides to it, this one isn't for me! I have ben reading all the positive reviews and started to think it was just me!!!
RuthL Written by RuthL
October 29, 2013
I must be honest I wasn't really excited when I first saw the look of this mascara.The whole concept though innovative,seems to be very odd.I like to stick to what it works for me.I don't try new things to see if they work in general.And this product left me with my 2 feet behind the door.
I love my AVON Super shock max mascara and don't see a need to go on trying this weird mascara. I am glad someone that actually think like I do.
Maybe if I would try the mascara from a friend,I would have a different view.But for now I will stick to what I know.
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carlah Written by carlah
October 30, 2013
Thanks! i was a bit worried i would be the only one but that is what these reviews are for right....
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