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LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick
April 07, 2016    
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Perfect Lippie in my opinion.

These are in my humble lipstick loving opinion, some of the best lippies on the market. The colour variety isn't bad at all with a few wildcards thrown in like straight on Grey and Navy blue. I got one in the shade "807 Hot Stuff" which has a personality of its own. I swear this lipstick keeps changing colour on me. I bought it because I wanted a nice coral shade for summer which wasn' full on orange or too peachy but more to the pink side. I got exactly that in this product. It is the most vibrant colour that is super long wearing but just when I think I figured out the colour and it looks pink, it looks orange. Then when I think it's more of an orange pink it looks red...

I DON'T MIND THIS AT ALL and actually enjoy how playful this is. The formula is great!!! It has a very mouse like feel to it and applies fully matte. It is the most comfortable lippie ever and is once again so long lasting. It does not dry out your lips at all and I haven't had any irritation issues which I tend to get with lip products. The pigmentation is intense and it stays put, you don't need a lipliner here.

Ps. Not a lot of people know this, but the clear cap at the back with the colour of the lipstick in is actually a tiny gloss pot which you can remove and apply the same colour in a gloss form to your lips. Such a nice little surprise!!

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blvandyk Written by blvandyk
November 21, 2016
So sorry, the colour I have is "Frisky" NOT "Hot Stuff"!
UnswayedBeauty_MUA Written by UnswayedBeauty_MUA
May 23, 2017
I actually found out today that the tiny pot is only a color swatch... LA Girl SA advised not to use on the lips.
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