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Avon Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick
August 27, 2014    
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Avon ?Dare to Bare

I Must admit ladies, I was blown away by the packaging when it arrived! Black and cerise! I thought - "Ok, - this is going to be fabulous." I suppose it was my own mistake in saying I prefered neutral shades. I have a tendency to be very careful about my make-up as they say the older you get, less is more. I rely on long black mascara and some lip definition having very pale skin.

Regarding mascara, I am particularly picky about the type of mascara I use, it must be ultra Black ( with a capital B) and a straight wand. I tried the curved wand after dipping it a few times and a) was not particularly good at using it and b) was diasppointed in the amount of volume and length achieved. There are a lot of good mascaras out there in the market that are relatively inexpensive and let me add the price of 'Big and Daring Mascara' at R 69.95 is cheap, but, it does not comply with its "big and daring" brand statement.

Onto the lipstick. Thankfully, it was in a shade I would wear anywhere as it was entitled "Ultra Colour Bold lipstick Avon Bare Impact". The price once again of R69.95 is inexpensive. I applied it and it was a smooth mouth matt surface. Staying power-very limited. I like the shade and will definately re-buy it but one definately requires the use of a lip liner in a similar taupe line colouring for definition. To be honest I don't think I was Daring in to least, to my own detriment. The brief was to go as OTT as possible while I opted for safe. And safe and boring is exactly what I got. It is also one of the main reasons I like to go into a shop and see make-up. Avon, has been know as a skin brand in the UK for years - sold in the concept of 'tupperware' parties - much like Annique, Justine and Avroy Shlain. As usual the skin products are good but the make -up, as an add on, leaves little to be desired. I was also put off by looking at repeat shades in the booklet being defined by a colour blob. So once your shade is out of fashion, you have to match it up to a line of colour. As always I appreciate the ability to try new products and I would like to thank Beauty Bulletin for the opportunity. In a similar light one should be as realistic in appraisal as possible.

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