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Rimmel Apocalips
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April 29, 2013    
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Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang and Apocaliptic

Over the weekend I went on a bit of a beauty spending spree. One of the items I picked up was two shades of Rimmel’s Apocalips Lip Lacquer.

I got Big Bang and Apocaliptic.

Big Bang is an intense true red that suits my pale skin tone incredibly well. I’m blonde and fair with a blue undertone to my skin. My friend, who is also blonde and fair with a pink undertone to her skin, also tried it out and it looked amazing on her too so this is one of those reds that looks good across a variety of skins. I think it will look fabulous on someone with fair skin and dark hair too.

Apocaliptic is what I would call bright Barbie pink. It’s almost a fuchia but comes across a little blue to me. It looks good on my skin and is a really fun colour, but I think I like the red more…

The applicator was a surprise the first time I used it. It has a sort of well in it that hordes colour and makes application really intense. It felt a little weird the first time, but you get used to it. Beware, because the colours are so bright there’s not much room for error when you put it on; also make sure your lips are in good condition!

The gloss feels slick and comfortable. Not too tacky. While reapplication is needed the colour stays for a good while and there is a bit of stain so when it wears off there’s the appearance on product left behind for a while. That said this is not a 12 hour lip product that will stay put. You will need to reapply, especially after eating and drinking. Also it can get on your teeth.

It retails for about R90 and is quite a nice product. Not the best formula, or longest lasting, but definitely one of the most intense I’ve come across and non-drying which is nice.

Overall I enjoy these and think they’re tons of fun.

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