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Yardley Stayfast High Definition Lipgloss
Lipgloss. Balms, Lip Plumpers
January 13, 2015    
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Your lips, but glossier and Better with Yardley's High Definition gloss in Pink Alloy

Ah, lipgloss. The very core of my days as a teenager, the dip of a toe into the vast ocean of makeup products! The memories of whipping out my latest nude/pinkish lipgloss out of my blazer pocket, feeling a bit more polished - because obviously we weren't allowed to wear makeup at school!

This Yardley High Definition gloss in Pink Alloy takes me back to those innocent days, although I have to admit, nothing beats a bit of gloss for an easily pulled together, simple makeup look! I LOVE LOVE, LOVE this colour! It's a perfect your-lips-but-better, yet enough pink to look like you've made some sort of effort colour. My philosophy with lipglosses? If it sits, it fits! In other words, I won't fork out wads of cash for the most expensive lipgloss, but rather experiment with the more affordable drugstore versions and Yardley is not to be placed in the corner by any high-end brand when it comes to their lip products and nail polishes! This gloss doesn't feel overly sticky, I love the smell, and, did I mention how much I love the sophisticated enough to be grown up pink?

If 27 year old Marelize could have ONE wish, it would be that THIS product would have been around for 16 year old Marelize's 'school face'.

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