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Avon Ultra glazewear absolute lipgloss SPF15
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April 14, 2014    
(Updated: July 03, 2015)
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Ultra Glazewear Absolute Lipgloss SPF 15 and Ultra Colour Absolute Lipstick

I received the 2 products to review.

I am already a AVON fan, but that's for another review.

I tried the AVON ultra colour lipstick and Ultra Glazewear Absolute Lipgloss SPF 15 for the first time.

I received the lipstick in the "Pure Orchid" colour and I absolutely loved it. Its the colour that I would have chosen for myself, as it suits my complection.

I loved the fact that the lipstick glided on smoothly and didn't have that odd 'castor oil' smell and taste to it!

The lipstick gives a lovely gloss to the lips and keeps the lips well moisturized. My lips were feeling quite dry, due to a heavy flu, and lots of antihistimines, with my lips peeling. I liked the fact that the lipstick did not enhance the flakiness of my lips and the best part is that unlike other lipsticks in darker shades, this one did NOT 'bleed', the only con,if I can even call it that, is that its not a lipstick you can apply and forget about, its not a long lasting lipstick and needs to be touched up regularly, especially after eating or drinking, the other plus, is that is removes easily without leaving a tint on the lips.

I received the Ultra Glazewear Absolute Lipgloss SPF 15 in the "Heavenly Honey" colour. Not a colour I would have chosen for myself, as I would have found it abit too pale for my skin tone, However, am I glad I received this colour, as I love it.
It is perfect to apply on its own for a really nice natural look, or over lipstick to add a glamourous shine to the lips. This lipgloss also applies easily and doesnot leave a thick heavy feeling on the lips, my little girl loves it too.

A product I will definitely buy

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