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Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lipgloss
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November 28, 2013    
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Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lipgloss

This. Is. My. FAVOURITE! Lip product at the moment. Lip balm is the only other thing I've been wearing on my lips since receiving this from rubybox in November, along with the Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio in Rose Vintage and the Bourjois Khol & Contour Eyepencil in Brun Design. It's just right. Every time.

Self-adjusting products are popular, and it's totally understandable why; with different undertones, complexions, "correction" requirements and the need for minimal guesswork when purchasing makeup. While walking around in a department store one day, running out of testing space on my arms (I'm sure you're familiar with this) looking for the perfect shade of blush, I came across a self-adjusting gel formula and was blown away, as I didn't expect to find it in SA, at the time. We have access to many SUPER brands (not enough, though) but we don't often get the WHOLE collection of products. Within the next month or two, there were self-adjusting products errrwhere. I like the idea, but very few of them work to my satisfaction. I've tried a few on my hands and arms in stores that just didn't adjust to suit MY skin colour or a natural-looking shade of pink. I'm still like a kid about it, though, I get all excited when clear gels and white creams start turning into shades of a good cup of tea with milk, or into strawberry Fizzer shades. Omg, you guys, I have a serious Fizzer addiction. I'm totally going off sugar once I finish this bag of Fizzers, I swear. My body has spoken! But it tastes SO GOOD!

Jeez, can you, like, get back to the product at hand, here, Crazy.

2 3 4 7 Fizzers later.

Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lipgloss contains pigments that adjust to the pH of your lips, delivering a somewhat exclusive rose-pink shade. We could all use this and have different shades of rose-pink lips. I tried it on my cheeks, too, thinking it would be all matchy-matchy with my lips. It wasn't. Clearly differing pH levels, then.

It goes on as a clear, slightly sticky gloss, that is also self-leveling, I may add. The colour develops within seconds... and sometimes keeps developing. It doesn't say that the colour intensity is layer-dependent, but I've noticed that the more I apply, the darker/brighter it seems. I don't mind dark/bright pinks, but if you're looking for a natural, hint of pink, you either need to use very little and spread it with a clean lip brush or your finger tips, or you need to move on to something else.

I thought I could outsmart this product by "lining" my lips with it a few minutes before filling in it to create a two-tone effect. It looked like those really old-school sitcoms and music videos where they lined their lips and then added clear gloss. Just no. Minutes later, I applied it again, going over the entire area of my lips. It was SO COOL. Two-toned lips with minimal thought or effort. Until minutes later, it all developed into a uniform colour. Short-lived genius. I guess you could also look at that as foolproof. Right?

It has vitamins C and E, which I love, but it certainly doesn't provide 8 hour moisture as it says it does. It's not a drying gloss at all, as I've come to expect of sticky glosses, but I didn't find it particularly moisturizing. Also, the glossiness will wear off, especially if you're going to eat, drink, talk a lot or kiss someone. The colour, however, outlives the gloss. So even hours after your pout is no longer bouncing the light into the eyes of a cute person still look nicely tinted/stained, and more natural. Two thumbs up for colour longevity.

I've only tried this over a lipstick once, and I didn't particularly love the result, so I'll keep using this clean, or over lip balm. You really don't need anything else with this lip product, and I'll be more than happy to purchase this with my own paper cash money once I finish this one. It's now a staple. Also, pretty convenient if you're going out and want to use a clutch or a small bag with minimal space. You know, the ones that can only carry your phone, money and a couple of tissues. Just halve the amount of tissues, and add your Bourjois Rose Exclusif. :-D

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