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Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss
Lipgloss. Balms, Lip Plumpers
March 14, 2011    
(Updated: July 02, 2015)
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Rimmel Stay Glossy

This nice and simple lipgloss comes in a cute packaging and a range of beautiful shades. It has a straight sponge applicator that is very soft and applies just the right amount of gloss onto your lips. The colour I purchased this in (I can’t find the name of the colour) is a soft peachy colour with fine golden shimmers in it. When I applied this gloss to my lips, it appears almost transparent with soft shimmers in it, so the colour of the lipgloss was not very true to what you see in the container. But I still like it because I normally use light coloured lipsticks and this gloss will add the right amount of gloss to my lips. The lipgloss does give your lips that slight wet look though which some ladies might not like. The lipgloss is slightly sticky as well, but not anywhere as sticky as MAC Lipglass. It also has a very slight floral fragrance to it. You can’t smell it when it’s on your lips but you can definitely smell it when you smell the applicator.

I wouldn’t say that this lipgloss moisturises my lips, but it definitely does not dry it out. I’m not too sure about it lasting 6 hours... Maybe if you didn’t eat or drink in 6 hours and just sat and looked pretty it would last that long. But it never lasted that long for me.

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