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NEW Smashbox Photo Filter Creamy Powder Foundation
November 24, 2014    
(Updated: November 24, 2014)
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Powder foundation? I'll take it!

I was a bit apprehensive to try out powder foundation, as I usually associate this type of foundation with very oily skin, which I don't have. I also don't like mask-like, caked on foundations, but I mean, if you have the chance to review Smashbox (as I'm a believer in their primers!) you better take it!

First impressions were good. The packaging is sleek, has a spacey mirror and houses a sponge on the other side of the compact. Perfect for retouching on the go! I am proud to display this in my makeup compartment and answer 'oh this? Yeah, my Smashbox ... I like it' when friends ask, haha!

But packaging aside, I had a pleasant surprise when I started applying the product. I have quite a bit of fine lines, enlarged pores around my nose, and a bit of freckles on my forehead. When I applied the product, it was as if someone Photoshopped my face. Hashtag, NO filter! I had to blend it in quite well, otherwise the product might end up looking a tad cakey, but a bit of a blend, and a spritz of a facial mist, and you are good to go!

As for durability, I am pleased. I had a lengthy brunch session and a stroll on Saturday, and took a nap during our suburb's two hours of load shedding without taking off my makeup (which is something you SHOULD do, by the way!) and it stayed on my face!

I am wearing this product again today (and I have quite a bit of breakout, very little sleep and feeling a bit sickies today) and, well, it is still intact! I notice how your blush and bronzer applied over this product, also stays on longer.

As for the price ... this might be a tad expensive for everyone's taste, but let's see how quickly this product hits pan, and then I can calculate the value for money over time period ratio. But very impressed so far! Girls, run to your nearest Smashbox counter and go sample this for yourself! You might hashtag ALL your selfies #nofilter from now on!

Kisses, over and out, Marelize

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