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Dior 5 colour eyeshadow palletes
January 17, 2014    
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Dior 5 colour eyeshadow palletes

How lucky am I to have a friend who works in a company that distributes these little gems to major retailers in SA. One of these 5 colour eyeshadows from Dior easily costs anywhere between R600 and R1000. I managed to pick up 5 of these shadows for R200 just because it hadn't gone through the packaging process to get the mirror and 2 brushes.

I got the following shades:
- 034 Gris Gris which has pale blue silver shimmer, gray, glimmering black, silver shimmer and shimmering pearly white
- 454 Royal Khaki - which has khaki shimmer, white shimmer, moss green sheen, matte black and silver
- 754 Rosy Tan - which has light pink, chocolate brown, ivory pearl shimmer, silvery taupe shimmer and taupe (This is my favourite)
- 970 Stylish Move - which has silvery mauve, shimmering pale pink, opalescent pearl, deep eggplant and soft plum
- 254 Bleu de Paris - which has silver blue shimmer, silver, pale blue sheen, charcoal grey shimmer and matte midnight blue

These shadows are really the best shadows that I own. They last the entire day even if I don't use any primer. What more can you ask for. You get to play around with the multiple colours in each one and you can mix and match them to get your perfect shade on.

The best part is most of their shadows contain a variety including, Shimmer and Matte which makes it perfect for a great night out, or even just a lazy day where you still want to look good but not over do it.

They are extremely easy to use and with the right brush, you can do so many styles. Highly recommend, but a little uneasy that these cost so much when purchasing off the retail shelf.

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Sue1N Written by Sue1N
January 17, 2014
Arhtz, you lucky girl ;-)! Some pics would be nice if you can.
Clarita Smit Written by Clarita Smit
January 18, 2014
ooooh, i love the packaging!! i think if i had it, i would not want to use it at all, so pretttyyy!!! such nice shade! Thanks for lovely review:)
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