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Essence 2 in 1 Eyeliner Pen
June 26, 2012    
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I normally love Essence products so I figured for the price (R39.95) this would be another gem to add to my collection. But unfortunately this pen is a bit temperamental and will definitely not be placed on the repurchase pile.

The packaging is a black plastic container that has two ends with caps on. A thin side and a thick side. You can therefore create a precise look or a more dramatic look. The main issue I experienced with this eyeliner pen is that formula is too thin and watery - so you can't achieve a solid pitch black line. I was really hoping that I would love this eyeliner, but alas our love affair was short-lived. The first time I used it was when I got the best application - after that it almost felt like the liquid ran dry. I now have to push the tip on my hand to get some of the liquid to come out and then dab the tip in that before applying it onto my eyelid.

The thin side applies better than the thick side, which is too thick and creates a messier look in my opinion. This eyeliner doesn't really smudge, but 'wears' off before the day is over. It's also very easy to remove at night and comes off with one swipe of makeup remover. I would love this pen so much more if the formula was just a bit thicker and applied as a darker line cause the actual felt tip has a nice sturdiness and it glides nicely across your eyelid.

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strhughes Written by strhughes
July 04, 2012
I'm thinking perhaps you got a dud pen?? I've tried this and I had absolutely no problems with it at all, I've finally been able to get the liquid liner look I've longed for and yet have never been able to create!
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csj16 Written by csj16
July 04, 2012
I think you're right. ;( I normally have no problems with Essence products but this one just doesn't work nicely for me. When I first opened it the thick side was pushed almost all the way in - so definitely was a bit 'faulty'. So annoyed cause I love the idea of this pen.
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