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Avon Colortrend Chopsticks Eyeliner in Black Cat Eyes and Exotic Violet

Aaawww, the allure of an Avon Brochure, no matter how much I resist I always end up purchasing something or the other from Avon monthly. My latest buy was the fun and easy to use Chopstick Eyeliners from their Colortrend range.

The ad in their brochure was all fun and colourful and immediately hooked on wanting to try them out. At R29.95 each I opted to get two and save me some time when trying out a flicked cat-eye look. There are 5 colours to choose from-
-Black Cat Eyes
-Exotic Violet
-Skyline Blue
-Huntress Green
-Smouldering Silver

This eyeliner is designed to give you perfectly defined eyes with ultimate control. It claims to offer high impact colour with no skipping or slipping. On receiving my Avon goodies, I was quite perturbed at the size of the packaging and at how small and light the eyeliner was. It is extremely dainty. It’s a white marker like base in plastic with blue writing; the lid is clear which allows you to see the tipped liner. The base on which the liner sits is blue in colour.

I immediately tested out the colours on a blank white page and was very disappointed in both the colour choices I made and the consistency of the liner. The liner is much like a crayon and mine had some hassle on application where no colour was coming through. After some pushing and prodding, the colour was visible. The Black and Violet look exactly the same and offer no variation as showed in their ad. On eyelids however a slight difference is observed. The liner glides on easily and is easy to handle but did not last long at all. After a mere few hours, the colour had almost vanished and an oily residue was left on my eyelids. I also found it doesn’t adhere well if used on top of an eye primer or eye shadow.

Although the size and shape of the canister allows for easy use, there is no twist tool. This is quite worrying to me for many reasons including the tip size. For now, the tip is pointed and thin; this allows for maximum control in achieving a perfectly neat lined eye but what happens when this gets blunt? And if “sharpening” the liner helps, what happens to all the liner we lose in the process? Clearly, not a very well thought component of Avon’s manufacturing process.

As much as I love the shape and idea of this eyeliner, I’m definitely not going to purchase them again (even though the Huntress Green keeps calling to me). I hope Avon catch on with this tiny flaw and improve on both this and the formula for their chopstick eyeliner as I’d love to purchase then.

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