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Flawless CC Cream from Avon
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July 19, 2014    
(Updated: July 03, 2015)
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Avon Ideal Flawless Colour Correcting cream

The primary purpose of the CC cream is to address dark pigmentation and other flaws such as acne as well as dark spots. AND as an added bonus it has this really cool technology that allows it to smooth out wrinkles and lines by using light particles in the cream that reflects light.

I used the Soft Honey CC cream for two weeks, applying it every morning.
I did not expect to see much of a difference and read the product reviews and descriptions with a grain of salt, but I was proven wrong.
First thing I liked about the product was the ease of use, I am a very au natural girl, meaning I don't wear foundations, BB creams and concealers so using a concealer was very new to me. What I loved was that I didn't need any brushes or special products to apply, all I needed was my fingers.
Similar products usually feels caked on and heavy, however this cream felt so light, and I barely noticed that I was wearing a concealer.
Immediately after application it made my skin feel smooth, dewy and very healthy.
It was living up to its purpose so I was keen to see whether it would fade of the dark spots on my face. I have horrible dark pigmentation on my cheekbones, and after two weeks of use, they have definitely lightened up, so not only are they fading, the CC cream is hiding these flaws.
My skin looks so much better after just two weeks of use, that even my husband has noticed and commented on how beautiful my skin is looking.
I have no negative reviews about this product and I definitely recommend this product to every and anyone.
Its very affordable as well, and will not break the bank.

I am sticking to this product, and Avon has gained a loyal fan!

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