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Avon Ideal Flawless CC Colour Corrector Cream - Ivory
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July 10, 2014    
(Updated: July 21, 2014)
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Avon Ideal Flawless CC Colour Corrector Cream in Ivory

Before testing the new Avon CC cream, I wasn't really sure what it was meant to do.. All I knew was that people had been raving about a wonderful new product.. that product was Avon's CC cream! CC stands for colour corrector and this product is meant to deal with the many issues that most of us struggle with on a daily basis. I have always had really bad bags under my eyes, they have gotten a lot worse due to lack of sleep because of two very active little ones... nothing I seem to do gets rid of them and have always had red pigmentation in my face. I am extremely fair skinned so any little mark or flaw tends to be really noticeable. The colour CC cream that I received to test was Avon CC in Ivory (64462) and it matches my skin perfectly!! I was excited at the prospect of trying this lightweight cream that contains a multi-tasking formula said to correct colour pigments and conceal flaws immediately. It sounds absolutely amazing!! who wouldn't want to fade away the look of pigmentations and hide any flaws? Couldn't wait to try it out! I love the packaging of the product, It is simple yet classy and sophisticated. I love that the CC is written in Silver, the writing catches the light and makes it shimmer. This adds to the appearance of luxury and class. Just by looking at it, I know that I want to try it out.. Really looks like a special product. I love that the writing is clearly visible and the fact that it is SPF 50 is highlighted. This is an added benefit of the product.. not only are you correcting problems, but you are protecting your skin from any future damage caused by the sun. I think that it is incredibly important to protect your skin and love the added bonus that Avon has provided. The cap on the tube is easy to unscrew.. no more fiddling and struggling with packaging. So many products are not user friendly, but Avon's CC cream is effortless and so easy to use! Just a small amount of the cream placed in the palm of my hand went so far. It might only be a 30 ml tube, but because you only use a small amount at every use, it really will last you a long time. I think it is well worth the money! Avon has a special at the moment. If you are wanting to try it, there is a trial price. The normal cost of this CC Cream is R159.95 but the trial price is only R84.95!! Now that is a saving of over 45% and an absolute bargain!! Definitely worth getting your hands on a tube!! I love that there is such a large range of colours to choose from. With this wide range, you will be able to find a shade that matches perfectly with your skin tone. The Ivory was my perfect match! From the very first time I used this CC cream, I was impressed! it was so easy to apply and blended into my skin so well. No patches and it was as if I wasn't wearing any make up at all! I have been using it now continuously for two weeks and I love the results! my skin looks so much brighter and clearer. Its not as red and the colour is a lot better.. Not patchy at all. The bags, even though they are still there, they are a lot better looking. My face looks more youthful and I don't look as tired. My face is illuminated and there is a glow. The cream feels so light and my face isn't weighed down with the make up. The results really are unbelievable. What an improvement!! I absolutely am in love with this product and have found that it works for me! My overall colour is so much better and I have replaced my foundation with this CC cream! My face is happy with the results! I will definitely continue to use this product! Using it everyday for two weeks and I still have quite a lot left in the tube!! what a wonderful product, I give it the thumbs up! Will be telling friends and family to get a tube! thanks so much Beauty Bulletin and Avon for this awesome opportunity! This product was made for me!!

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