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Beautique Brush Starter Kit
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January 07, 2014    
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Price: R130

I have been looking for a little starter kit of brushes for awhile now, but am always scared off by the price! You see, I have been there and bought that gorgeous set that comes in a roll up bag with 20+ brushes and is priced at some ridiculous amount, just to find that when I tried applying makeup, the pigments never made it onto the brush, the bristles were of poor quality, fell out or were misshaped - leaving me feeling rather defeated. So when I eyed out this set, I was a little skeptical, as let's be honest - the Beautique rack is one of the most affordable brush shelves to visit but there is not much known about this brand. I always get a little overwhelmed, looking at all of the brushes that I don't have, wondering do I need this one, will I use that one, but why do I need 4 different brushes for foundation, when my fingers work just fine! And while all of this flew through my mind, this nifty, little box's price tag caught my eye. These brushes are brilliant, they serve their purpose, are designed effectively and there is room to constantly grow your collection. I love that each brush has it's use, labeled at the bottom and that the design is elegant. The bristles are a combination of synthetic and natural, which I have no problem with as I find that these are soft yet still firm enough to get your desired look. This kit includes a blush brush, all over eye shadow brush, eye liner brush and a lip brush - everything that any beginner needs. I highly recommend this set to anyone who is looking at starting a brush collection, has never experimented with brush styles or is in need of new brushes. When compared to the other kits on the market, I feel this one beats all expectations with its durability, potential to grow and most of all the great quality for affordable prices.

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