John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hi Impact

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Live on the lighter side with John Frieda® Sheer BLONDE® HI-IMPACT


So you want blonde hair that dazzles but instead you’re stuck with fried, frizzy, dull locks?

Lifting your colour to that super-light shade can lead to dry, easily damaged hair. At the same time product residue, sediment and mineral deposits can all sit on the hair shaft, creating a dark, dull appearance.

The John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hi-Impact range works to revive your dull hair to light, bright blonde. The Vibrancy Restoring Shampoo helps restore vibrancy to distressed strands, while the Hi-Impact Vibrancy Restoring Conditioner works to replenish, giving you a healthy look and feel.

At the same time the Sheer Blonde Hi-Impact range doesn’t just work to remove dirt, oil, and styling product residue but also mineral deposits commonly found in your tap water.

We’ve already asked a group of savvy blonde bombshells to test this range and share their feedback.

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