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Mametja Hi Fam... Kindly follow me on IG Mpho Queen-Mpho
ClothildaMsimango Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friyay..... Njoy your weekend
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Keycie Hey y’all ?newbie here, let’s connect.
MissNatalie Hi there am new here just finding my feet please show me some love
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Metja.M hi beauties
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Nolene17 Hey there Oratile Dire that sounds great ... Im a newbie.
Abiigail Any tips on boosting my profile?
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Kgang hey loves please follow me on instargram I'll follow back
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Oratile Dire Hey. Newbie here.
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sands_caga Hello everyone ? feel free to follow me on Ista @sands_caga and I'll follow back. Peace and love everybody♥️♥️
missroxy Hi guys, super new to all the goodness. Need some ho to find my feet, hoping I get some live?. Follow my insta page miss_roxy_16 or dm with loads of advise, tips and HELP lol. I love beauty and wanting to grow in the industry. I thank you in advance for any help... Xoxo babes roxy
Gillian khipa Hi everyone?
Ngcebo Hey Everyone, Sandy here and I'm a newbie. Please follow me on Instagram and Twitter : @ngcebo_sox, also please be aware that I don't have much followers as I'm still trying to build myself as a brand. I look forward to your support and I promise to FOLLOW BACK??
Heidi Turner Hi everyone, new to platform. Follow @heidimturner
Grayceem14 How’s about a follow for a follow- @GrayceeM on instagram,looking forward to seeing your feeds
Grayceem14 Hey beauties,sis is a new member with a new Instagram account
YAYA M Hello loves. I am Yamkela , feel free to send me your social handles or follow @yamkela_mpotulo
Boitumelo Phetlhu The best summer tip is a glowing skin with no black spots. Your way to go with Nevia radiant
Thabo20 Hello ?everyone my name is Mathabo ❤️?. Well I would like to meet with influncers and get to learn about make up and other things. I only have Facebook, LinkedIn account and Twitter. But seeing that most people are on insta I will join in and follow everyone here. ? Hope to learn and share information evdn though I don't fo make up. But I use Dawn Aloe Vera which it has been good on my face and body, and Clere also on my body and face. Apply a Vaseline blueseal on my lips at times I apply Revlon lip gloss. As for a roll on am using Mum. I just like a simple life.
JeRidah25 Hey BB beasties, my name is Jeridah, feel free to check out my Insta @ J.e.r.i.d.a.h_
Virtuemeloo Hello
Makanina Hi everyone
Makanina Hi everybody
Collette2020 Hello everyone I'm new here hope I will enjoy being here
Ignobam. IG, twitter, FB & Youtube: @ignobam x
khole_ka Hi? everyone I'm new here please follow me on Insta @khole_ka I promise to follow back asap?
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sisterthuli Hi guys
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Nivea Perfect and Radiant even tone SPF 15 Day cream
This product has been wonderful to my skin. It absorbs lightly on the skin and has SPF 15 to protect me from the sun. It has given me an even skin...

Nivea Perfect and Radiant even tone SPF 15 Day cream
This product has been wonderful to my skin. It absorbs lightly on the skin and has SPF 15 to protect me from the sun. It has given me an even skin...





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