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#TrustYourImpulseSA, this is your time to own life!

We all have a unique beauty, voice and power, and our bodies are a canvas for self-expression. Dance to your own beat! Break style boundaries. Go with your gut and learn to #TrustYourImpulse!

Impulse has launched a new range of perfumed body sprays and they’re all about owning your individuality. Find the perfect scent to boost your confidence, spritz on a little self-love and conquer the day!

The range boasts 7 beautiful scents, 3 of which have been co-created with celebrity icon Boity Thulo, who is celebrated for doing things her own way. She wants to challenge you to do things differently, love yourself fearlessly, and empower those around you.

We have already selected a group of inspiring influencers who shape the world around them. They’ve been testing the new Impulse perfumed Body Sprays on their lifestyles, and finding ones that express them.

Click on a product below to see what they had to say.

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