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Hey Gorgeous - New Ginger Foot scrub Hot

May 14, 2013  
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Follow them on Twitter - @HeyGorgeousSA and send your order to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - every item ordered until end of June counts as an entry for an AWESOME HEY GORGEOUS HAMPER
I despise winter for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason and the catalyst for my fear of the impending doom that is winter, are my sausage winter's toes. This is caused by poor blood circulation and along with the unbearable itching, redness and discomfort it is also extremely painful - enough to make you hate an entire season!

I’ve suffered for years with this condition and every winter I go through the regular torture hoping that they would have finally figured out how to cure this horrible condition. When Phoebe gave me the sample of the NEW GINGER FOOT SCRUB and said that it’s amazing and that her feet are wonderfully warm, I was unbelieving. No offence Pheebs… I love Hey Gorgeous, but I’m a skeptic at heart.

The smell, firstly, is just amazing. She mentioned that there’s ginger in it which helps with circulation – I could smell it. There was a hint of citrus in it as well, which immediately uplifted my mood. (Not actually sure if there is any citrus in it - top secret)

So there I was, scrubbing away in the bathroom and not only did my feet feel soft and pampered but it felt a little warmer too. "Wait a second" I thought… "this doesn’t prove anything… friction causes blood to flow better. Let’s give it an hour… my feet will definitely be cold by then – nay sir – it should be freezing." Now, I'm not an animal - I wear slippers around the house but even with my slippers and a pair of socks I still end up with a boyfriend who cowers away from my cold feet in bed.

2 hours later and my feet were still warm. I'M ALIVE! I nuzzled up against my boyfriend and first insticts led him to pull away, but when he felt my feet he said "Are you sick? Why are your feet so warm?"

Thanks Hey Gorgeous! LOVING THE SCRUB - 10 OUT OF 10!!!





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