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February 15, 2016  
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Essie Luxeffect

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R155 at Dis-Chem

Push the fashion envelope and showcase your bubbly side with the Essie's signature metallic and iridescent glitter nail polishes. Essie's Luxeffects collection is a bubbly confetti-fueled party of nails available in fashion flares, fringe factor, tassel shaker and frillin' me softly.


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(Updated: January 30, 2017)
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Sparkling Manicures

Thank you once again BB for this beautiful Prize!!

To start off I would like to say that Essie always manages to pull the most beautiful shades, and they never fail to surprise me!

I am going list the Pros and Cons that I experienced with these Nail Polishes.


*Beautiful Colors
*Looks amazing as room decor as well (Haha)
*The consistency is great
*Striped glitter is very fine, so you are able to wear it on top of another shade
*Packaging is really nice!
*You are able to apply 2-3 coats alone on your toes and it will last you 4+ weeks without chipping (I did try it) and it looks beautiful!

*I didn't really like the consistency, specially on your nails, just because you need to apply 2-3 coats for it to look really nice alone,but then even with the top coat, it leaves the fine glitter strips sticking out a bit, and if you are a nail biter or recovering nail biter, this will annoy you and you will want to pick it off.
*When I first saw the pictures of the nail polishes, I thought that it was going to be rich in glitter and it would be pigmented and it really isn't so I would wear it with a neutral shade of the same color as the glitter, and then add a coat of the glitter on the ring fingers and it will look amazing!

So yes, there is more pros than cons, which is why I would definitely repurchase it, but I do think they are a bit overpriced. As all the other nail polishes are R155, I would think this product should be at most R125.

But I still love it, and I will still rock it!

UPDATE - So I have been looking for new ways to use these nail polishes, and if you want the sparkly effect, the best way to apply it is by applying the nail polish to a makeup wedge/sponge and then dab it on your nail! The nail polish applies so beautifully and not clumpy at all!! Now I can rate these nail polishes a 5/5!!!!

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