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June Review OPI Nail Polish in Extra-va-vaganza
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June 28, 2012    
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This is the first bottle of OPI polish I have ever owned. I would normally treat myself to POI when getting a mani, so I had really high hopes for this product.
What I got was a mixed bag of results. I really loved the glitter polish, the colour and the signature OPI packaging.
I have an abiding love for glitter polishes as I think they’re really versatile. In the respect the polish did not disappoint. The golden pink shade works really well with my extremely fair skin tone, but I think this would look awesome on everyone as there are little flecks of many different colours. You can wear it one its own in a subtle look, or intensely glittery (whatever strikes your fancy) or over the top of a coloured polish. It’s very pretty and has gotten a lot of compliments these last few days.
But... I think it will take a bit of practise to get the apllication you want right. The formula is a little too gloopy for my taste. As a result, what I was hoping to be a fine sprinkling of glitter ended up being full on disco fingers. Not a bad look, just not what I was going for. This is also a polish that you will need to do a full on home mani for. When I put it on for the first time just to test I didn’t bother with a top coat. Within the next 24 hours it was already chipping. You won’t be able to cut corners with this one.
When applied correctly however it is flirty, fun and very enjoyable to wear.

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wbean Written by wbean
July 02, 2012
Great review, Kierryn! I love the look too, but thanks for the 'warning' regarding how long it stays on. I guess top coats are the way to go these days. My problem is always that my nailpolish takes too long to dry. I'm sure if this was "gloopy", it must have taken some time to dry too. Not ideal, but still pretty :o)
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