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Essence Better than gel nails: Top sealer
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August 27, 2014    
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Definitely better than Gel!

Often I paint my nails with all sorts of funky designs and colors, sometimes glitter toppers or even stickers, you name it! And after working so tediously and back breakingly long on a fun and what you think is a super cool design, it is the most heck of annoying thing to… lets say... open the door and accidentally knock your nail, BAM there goes a flake of your picture perfect design, falling to the floor like old dirty dust!!! SIGH!!

I've worked so strictly on designs before only to have them smudged or chipped or what ever else your nails get up to when your not looking and its so ridiculously frustrating that its enough to make you lose your personality, like I'm talking throw away every polish and call it a day!!

Anyways I like to think I have now found the Holy Grail of nail polish top coats, which not only seals in your design oh so beautifully, but also dries like the desert in record time! That Holy Grail ladies and gents is the…. Essence Cosmetics - Better than gel nails - Top sealer - High gloss polish (quite a mouth full I know) but let me tell you… this is a stunning top coat and I'd by a truck load if I could.

I've not come across a clear polish before that A: dries so super seriously quickly B: seals in your design like a vacuum sealer C: leaves a super high gloss finish you could practically see yourself in it and D: lengthens the life span of your mani and gives it two extra lives!!

In my opinion I've searched high and low for a great sealer like this and thus far this is the only one that does it for me! I would certainly recommend it to any lovely lady wanting these effects on her mani and I'd be surprised if you were disappointed by it, we are all however very different and of coarse opinions will always differ, but most of the time I'm right! hahaha I'm just kidding :p

This top coat is also greatly affordable, I'm not 100% sure on price but you won't need a bank loan to buy it. It's definitely not over R100!

I'd love to know if you've used this product before and what your thoughts are on it?

Thanks so much for reading BB beauties :D
Stay young & fun!!

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RuthL Written by RuthL
September 26, 2014
Love this essence top coat!! it is really an amazing top quality product and very affordable. It is actually much less than R 100, I don't think it's even R 50
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