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Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner
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September 09, 2015    
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Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner

I recently got married and since the wedding I am on my 3rd head of highlights after having my natural colour for over a year. We all know what highlights does to the texture of our hair.. Leaves it dried out, brittle and frizzy. So I went to the shops looking for a saving grace and it turned out that I have found it. What made me choose this Smoothing Deep Conditioner was the main ingredient. Keratin Protein, the stuff our hair is made of. Also what they use in a Brazilian blow wave and for only R50 I was super happy. I also wanted something stringer than a conditioner, to not just coat my hair but penetrate it. The directions on the package says to apply it to shampooed hair and leave on for 10min. It was a thick creamy consistency with a soft sweet fragrance which I love. The results: My hair dried quicker , felt stronger , looked shinier and healthier. I didn't struggle to smooth out the frizziness and it stayed that way while smelling great. I have used it twice and there is still lots left in my sachet. Which is the only down fall to this product, I so wish this came in a jar or tub. I wonder what happens to all the remaining product if it looses effectiveness because its open. But none the less, I am really impressed with the results and it was a great buy. I'm definitely sticking to this glorious find!

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