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Dove Colour Radiance Deep Repair Treatment Mask Review
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December 06, 2013    
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Dove Colour Radiance Deep Repair Treatment Mask

Firstly let me give you some background on what Dove claims this product to do:

With Colour Revitaliser, the DoveĀ® Deep Repair Treatment Mask nourishes and rebuilds the protective hair damaged during the colouring process to keep your colour healthy and full of vibrancy and luminosity.

The DoveĀ® Deep Repair Treatment Mask deeply replenishes hair to leave the colour vibrant looking for longer.

Here are my thoughts on the container:

1) The container is NOT USER-FRIENDLY! Firstly the font on the labels is so small that it makes it difficult, for even an owl with a magnifying glass, to read & impossible once one is in the shower.

2) There is a label stuck to the bottom of the container (why on the bottom, I ask you?) that got all wrinkly & soggy, once I put it down on the shower floor.

3) The shape of the container is AWKWARD. I would have much preferred the good old tube, where one has control over how much you squeeze out. Here it is, dig out with your fingers and hope for the best! The shape makes this product less user-friendly & cost-effective. I had to balance both the opened container & lid in my left hand, while I was spreading the product over my hair with my right hand. (Looked a bit like a confused chicken ;-)).

Now for the product itself:

1) Smells great!

2) Consistency great & immediately feels great on hair.

3) Great & easy coverage (so a little goes a long way!).

4) It has never been easy to de-tangle my hair. For the first time in years I could brush my hair out properly without the brush getting stuck. YAY, YAY & HEEEEYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

5) Of the usual coarseness of my dry hair in some places & frizziness, there were no sign. BOY, I WISH I COULD DO A CARTWHEEL WITHOUT ENDING UP IN HOSPITAL ;-)!

7) My hair immediately felt nourished, moisturised & revitalised.

8) Colour is still holding (do a little hop, skip & jump!)

The day after use, my impressions were:

1) My hair was extremely soft, but not limp.

2) I usually battle with limp hair after a treatment with other brands, but my hair was full of volume & bounce. My hair also seems even more wavy than usual.

3) We were having a high humidity, rainy, typical Durban steamy day. Where my hair usually resembles someone who stuck their finger in an electrical wall socket, my hair was manageable, without any added frizziness. YIIIPPPPPEEEEE!!!!!

4) My intense colour is still holding fine!

Although the container is a bit un-user friendly (yes I make up words as I go along ;-)), the end result is no more dry frizzy ends & no more pets running for cover when they see their mom ;-). A day after use, my colour was still radiant, revitalised & full of volume. I LOVE this product & will RECOMMEND it to anyone with colour treated hair. SING HALLELUJAH for Dove. All they have to do to be perfect now, is stop testing their products on animals & will be a true follower forever!

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