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Nioxin Hair Treatment System -No 1 (Fine Hair)
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August 12, 2013    
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Nioxin Hair Treatment System -No 1 (Fine Hair)

There are quite a few scents that are associated with specific memories. The very first time I used the Nioxin Treatment System – No 1 it brought back childhood memories of my grandfather giving me mint thins after I said I finished my dinner (whether I did or not). It’s strange to think I’m theoretically emotionally connected to a shampoo!

With its very unique minty fragrance it brings a cool menthol sensation after the conditioner is washed off. The conditioner makes tangles a thing of the past and leaves hair very soft to the touch once dried.

I took a photo of the hair loss from the first wash and then again a few weeks later and was shocked that I can’t make wigs with the amount of hair lost anymore. At the moment I need a bit of hair spray with all the new growth, just to keep them down until they get a bit longer. I’ve been specifically avoiding dying my hair so that I can see how long my natural hair colour roots have become also indicating the speed of the growth has been a couple cm in the last few weeks.

Nioxin is definitely a product I will continue using if not to continue sparking happy childhood memories then to allow the new growth to settle and allow my hair to become thicker.

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