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Babyliss Twist Secret
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November 23, 2016    
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Babyliss Twist Secret

Babyliss Twist Secret

So I've had the honour to review the Twist Secret by Babyliss.


If you would like to purchase this product you can find it at Clicks at R399.

What will you find in the box?

You will see you're Twist Secret which comes in the colour of black and pink. It is also battery operated (which is great, no cords to get stuck with)

Also inside you'll find a manual which gives you some tips on how to use it and ideas on which you can further create.

I used the Secret Twist on both my and my sisters hair. I found it easier to use on my hair, which was shorter. Also it would be much harder to use on uneven lengths of hair since in will unevenly braid your hair. I would recommend taking pieces of the same length.

At some stages I found it difficult to use, when putting the hair in the slots, I would accidently press the button resulting in hair getting tangled up.

On a more positive note. I enjoyed creating new hairstyles with this styling tool. I think you can really let the creative juices flow with this one and create whatever look you want to.

I didn't find it that easy to use, but it is probably cause I'm not used to it. With some practice I think I'll manage it more comfortably.

I have done one hairstyle with photos which I will share with this review. I will be doing some more styles and sharing them with you soon. ? ?

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