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Tangle Teezer
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July 16, 2013    
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Tangle Teezer

In 2013 I highlighted my hair at a hair dressers, unfortunately something went wrong and the reaction my hair had was to instantly tangle from the root to the tip, anytime I did anything, to Mae brushing or combing my hair an impossibility. I tried pretty much every product I could think of to try and tame my hair, unfortunately nothin worse.
I decided to suck it up and order a Tangle Teezer, I was hesitant because it is a rather expensive hair brush to buy and I was nervous that it wouldn't work. I eventually got to the stage that I would pay anything to get hair without knots and tangles. I purchased my Tangle Teezer for R170 from Take a Lot, incl postage.
I was hesitant to use the brush at first, because I was so used to a painful and long procedure of trying to brush my hair.
I sucked up all the courage I could and brushed my hair, it was miraculous, you are advised to start from the tips and move up to the roots which is what I did. I experienced a 100% pain free hair brushing, the tangles were lightly massaged out of my hair and I was left with smooth! tangle free locks with (a bonus) shine.

I've used the Tangle Teezer wet and dry and it is a life changing hair brush that will make any problem hair beautiful and untangled. I have even suggested it to my friends with kids as it is a dream to use, a friend of mine (African) only uses it on her hair and has the best results. Basically this brush will work with any hairstyle, hair style and hair length.

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