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Toni & Guy Casual Collection
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September 10, 2013    
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Toni and Guy: A Hair meets wardrobe sensation

I have long auburn/ dark Brown hair that I am in the process of highlighting with comb through and streaks to lighten it. As one ages having to tint dark brown hair every two weeks was becoming a costly experience so my hairdresser decided to "enlighten" me. I wasn't particularly happy about this as it left my hair dry and brittle - particularly on the ends as peroxide and heat tended to make it frizz and look mousey.

Imagine my surprise when I ripped open the package at the post office and got a Shampoo, Conditioner for dry and damaged hair, leave in hair conditioner and gloss serum to try out. I was really excited. The only problem with testers is that I needed quite a bit of the shampoo and conditioner! My favourite products where the leave in conditioner and hair serum.

I washed and conditioned my hair as usual and used a walnut amount of the leave in conditioner in my hair working on the lower reaches of the hair away from the roots, I was amazed how little comb out was required and searching through my large assortment of hair care products I saw I had purchased this very same product ages ago - but had failed to read the instructions properly and worked it into the roots. If you do this you hair can appear oily so avoid it at all costs.

I am not one to spend ages on drying my hair - in fact I allowed my hair to dry naturally and then used the serum to rub a few spots into my palm and then comb through my hair with my fingers. I took photos immediately after and was amazed by how much less damaged the hair looked. I often wear my hair in a pony tail, plait or bun and found that the natural kink caused by the these styles once removed caused my hair to hang in waves round my face and gave far more volume to the style. I have since gone out and bought a huge round Revlon styling brush instead of a flat paddle to style my hair with a blow-dryer heat and this has made a huge impact on the smoothness. please look at the photos I upload, the final being the heat styled version. I have purposely not styled the hair so you can see the full length of hair. I love the Leave in conditioner and serum for flyaway hairs and frizz and went out to buy the bigger versions immediately! Must comment on the classy packaging and the made to order analysis of my hair type. Thank you for the chance to try out the product I am an avid convert now!

blowdried style.jpg
Blowstyled hair.jpg
first day - natural dry.jpg
New Highlights in the hair after being styled
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