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Plantur 39 Colour Brown Shampoo & Conditioner
August 30, 2018    
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Wasn't sure if this product was for me. Having dyed my hair since I was a teenager, never satisfied with my hair colour. I was and am always sitting with the problem of regrowth and now in my 40's grey hairs. I decided two years ago to go black and recently back to my more natural colour dark brown.

So on receiving this product I was unsure if it would take to my hair as my grey is pretty stubborn and I was skeptical as to whether a shampoo and conditioner could colour my locks.

I also suffer from hair loss, brittle hair and dry scalp. So on the first day of receiving the product I followed the instructions and even though we have water restrictions I left the shampoo on for 10 mins before rinsing and the conditioner for 5 mins prior to rinsing. I immediately could feel that this product left my hair feeling soft and the smell was just WOW. The conditioner is quite runny but it makes the dispersement of the product on your hair that much easier. I dried my hair and noted that the brown of the length of my hair was radiant but my grey was slightly coloured.

I followed this routine for 10 days. Each day my hair felt amazing and soft. It smelt so divine that my colleagues asked me what I was using. The colour was a radiant brown. My grey however did not colour dark brown but changed to look blonde and blended in well with the brown. My regrowth was not as noticeable as before.

I know that my grey hair are very stubborn as most hair dyes require a few applications before they cover the grey completely.

This product is amazing for strengthening and hair loss. It was visibly noticeable that my hair loss was minimal when styling my hair after each wash. I had minimal breakage.

I did not need to use my shampoo for dry scalp while using this product.

My family and friends all commented on how healthy and radiant my hair was looking and asked which products I was using. They have all said that they would consider purchasing this product in the future.

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