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John Frieda® Frizz Ease Range
October 19, 2015    
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full range review | cara fay

I was sent the full john frieda frizz ease range from beauty bulletin, after testing it out over the past 3 weeks I thought it would be nice to break each product down for you.

Shampoo & Conditioner:
Both smell amazing, lather really nicely. Having fine hair I worry about any products that have smoothing ingredients in them mainly because of them weighing my hair down and loosing the little volume that I have. Both cleaned my hair well and gave it an instant bounce.

Original 6 effects serum:
Promises to eliminates frizz, protects from humidity, smooths, hydrates and tames it warns against using too much. One pump was enough for me I started off at the tips of my hair concentrating most of it there as this is where my hair is the most damaged, with whatever is left on my hands I feathered across the crown of my head – the smell of the whole range is very fresh and clean definitely not too scented.

Dream curls daily styling spray:
I left this to dry naturally although you can use a diffuser I had the time for it to air dry so thats what I did. The spray is very fine and easy to use just spray on and leave. I turned my head upside down and sprayed all over then left it; you can see my hair formed more of a wave than a curl.

Curl Revive Mousse:
Mousse is always a funny little thing – too much and you’re left with a crunchy mess that being said nothing accentuates my curls as much as mousse does. As you can see this definitely defined my curls more and defined my curls without being too big and bouncy

Polishing serum:
Again warns about using too much so I did the same – one pump started at the ends of my hair and feathered the left over on my crown, this promises to control fly-aways. Again this serum is amazing worked without making my hair oily or weighing it down.

For the sake of the review I immediately decided I was going to use the full range no matter what. I’m so impressed as none of this range weighed my hair down.

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