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Equiline Shampoo
July 26, 2013    
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Equiline Shampoo

In a quest to make my hair grow fast I ended up buying this shampoo after hearing about the wonders it does for hair growth.
I have only been using it for about 3 weeks now.. and I wash my hair every 3 days.. so it really isn't long enough to say whether it has made a difference in the growth of my hair but I can give you a low down of the shampoo itself...
It is quite a reasonable price, I paid about R65 for a 1L bottle at Dischem (It is a lot cheaper then Main n Tail which is is the other horse shampoo on the market for human hair).
It is very runny in consistency and doesnt foam like normal shampoo so suggest just mixing it with regular shampoo in the palm of your hand.. but be careful cause it does come out the bottle fast fast!

It definitely cleans hair very well! My hair was literally squeaky clean as I was rinsing it out.
My hair also seems to stay cleaner for longer between washes. It even made my hair feel much lighter, and I have thick hair!
It does seem to make my hair a little dry but nothing a good conditioner and hair mask or oil treatment once a week cant fix.

In a couple of months I will update you on whether it actually made a difference in my hair growth or not :)

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Mz_Kgadi Written by Mz_Kgadi
March 24, 2015
Hi. Whats the update?
Leigh-Christyn Written by Leigh-Christyn
March 24, 2015
Ok so its now been about 4 months that I have been using this shampoo and unfortunately I cant say that I have noticed a huge difference in terms of growth, I think my hair has grown what it would have in 4 months anyway (about 1.5cm :/). so no super hair growth for me Im afraid.. but Im going to continue to use it anyway :)
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