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Garnier Nutrisse - Dark Cherry Review
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March 25, 2013    
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I received the Dark Cherry colour to review.
The box arrived a little worse for wear but nothing was broken luckily.
Inside you get the standard stuff - gloves, colour tube, developer bottle and conditioner.

After following the mixing instructions I applied it to my dry hair. I experienced no problems. Nice thick consistency & does not drip. Word of warning though... it will stain your skin so make sure you put some cheap moisturiser along your hairline and ears and remove the wayward haircolour from your skin asap. It has the typical peroxide smell but is not nearly as strong as some of the other brands and it does also have a slight fruity smell in the mix.

I left it on for 45 minutes - for a really intense colour and rinsed it in the shower. It takes FOREVER to rinse out of your hair. I really struggled to get it all out and after about 15 minutes of rinsing I gave up. I applied the nice thick fruity conditioner to my hair. It certainly feels nourishing as you apply it. It also takes a while to wash out and it feels like it leaves behind a residue. After rinsing all of the product I could out of my hair I just used a dark towel because I just could not get the water to run clear.

I air dried my hair and then blow dried it. My hair was stunningly silky smooth and intensely dark cherry. It is now a week after I dyed it and it still looks fresh. I still have some of the original condidtioner left and it helps to keep my hair silky smooth. The colour still washes out a little bit but I guess that's to be expected with such a pigment rich colour.

All & all I would not think twice about using this product again however it is just a bit expensive for my taste. I feel most haircolour has become an unnecessarily expensive item. I would probably carry on paying half the price for similarly acceptable results.

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