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Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Smooth Red Violet 5-889
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April 24, 2019    
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Becoming a Fierce Redhead with Schwarzkopf

Being a redhead is genuinely a love-hate relationship.

Red hair is such a daring and vibrant colour, but maintaining that perfect red hue can be an expensive upkeep, which is honestly why I am so grateful to have been part of this #TurnColourIntoLuxury campaign. I had been religiously using a different at-home hair dye brand for over a year which I raved about to all my family and friends as I always get compliments about my hair colour but I'm absolutely sold on the Schwarzkopf Deluxe Palette in Smooth Red Violet.

First Impressions:
I was not the greatest fan of the packaging but I actually think it's because the box got a little squished on delivery. (The courier company obviously didn't know how excited I was to receive the package and the importance of the contents). I loved the gloves that came with the dye, the hair dye brand I previously used, the quality of the gloves were not great and always broke that I actually bout a box of latex gloves, so that was a big plus for me.

Dying my Hair:
I don't think I can do the dye justice by explaining how incredibly nourishing it felt on my hair, I have always experienced dye making my hair feel hard while its on but this dye made my hair feels so soft, it felt like I was dying my hair and giving it a treatment at the same time. Since my hair was already a faded red I wasn't expecting a crazy difference but when I saw my hair colour once it was blown I was actually shocked, my hair looked (looks) insanely good (so much adjectives, sorry not sorry).

After Dying my Hair:
After the second wash my hair still ran red quite a bit that is rather normal for red. I have washed my hair now 4 times and the colour still looks amazing. The mask that comes with dye is very nourishing and makes your hair really soft. I would advise using it sparingly if you have a oily scalp like me, rather focus on the length of your hair.

I've received such amazing feedback from so many people about how amazing my colour looks, and it has made me feels so confident. Being a redhead is not just colour, it's a lifestyle. You live and breathe the confidence that a red mane give's you. I am definitely switching to Schwarzkopf Deluxe Palette.

*Hair dye tip
Always try to wear dark clothing that you no longer love when dying your hair.
If you do mess on clothing/carpets, spray the area with hairspray and wash/scrub it.

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