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Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe Aubergine 4-99
Hair Dyes
April 24, 2019    
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Attractive Aubergine

Packaging wise, it was very attractive and all of the relevant information was on the packaging, the use of colour and font was also quite eye catching. The product was described well. it was also not covered in plastic which I thought was great.
The contents of the packaging was good, easy to use, clearly labelled and clear instructions were given as well as warning, however there was an issue of wastage with a bit of the developer emulsion in the applicator bottle and some colour from the applicator bottle so perhaps it would be more effective to use tubing as packaging and include a reusable brush to prevent lots of single use plastics being put out there. The gloves were good quality and reusable if washed.
The colour also instantly develops instantly so you don’t have to sit around and wait before applying. The colour creme has a very chemical smell but it’s all put to ease once the developer emulsion is added.
Application wise, it was amazing. Extremely easy to use (especially for a beginner like me). The dye leaves your hair smelling amazing. The hair mask leaves your hair feeling extremely nourished as after the colour was rinsed it did feel quite brittle and dry. The fragrance lingers for about a week.
The colour on my hair didn't line up with the colour guidelines on the back of the back and that was quite disappointing and misleading.
Overall, I am quite pleased with the outcome. If your hair is thicker than normal or longer than your shoulders you should use 2 boxes to avoid getting a mahogany colour instead of plum. The colour is more of a plum than aubergine, as aubergine is an intense purple and this was definitely not intense, it gives darkish hair a plum-like sheen and undertone in the light, not visible in the shade as shown on the box. This should have perhaps been disclosed on the back of the box. It is however extremely simple and wonderful to use.
I'm not extremely happy with the wastage from the applicator bottle, the description of colour on the box nor the fact that the hair feels quite dehydrated and brittle a few days after colouring. It’s a good product but perhaps packaging should give clearer guidelines for colours as this was not a rich aubergine colour, it is more of a mahogany.

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